Collaborate, Construct, CAD

Digital transformation, assembly simulation, form-finding and design, simulation visualization like the vr wind tunnel and crash test, kinematics, schooling and all of this with up to ten people.

What would you say if you could shape a car together with your colleague. Nothing special? Well, he's in Berlin and you're in Hannover. He's styling the cars' interior while you are working on the Exterior. All in parallel, in the same virtual room on the same set of data. Oh, and if you have concerns about a certain aspect, you can bring in further colleagues to discuss and review.

If this sounds good to you, CloudModelling is the right tool for you. No time consuming business trips, collaboration without local constraints. Your virtual workspace is accessible everywhere.


What we offer


Up to ten users can work simultaneously


Images can be used as patterns to create volumetric models fast


Show your new creations to the world!


Construction via CAD, as precise as never before!


VR FEM Viewer, digital wind tunnel, no problem!


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Dell Technologies - Road to 2030

Virtual collaboration.

PLM Europe Siemens 2019 in Berlin. Photos by Heike Skamper.